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Walker Industries Makes Significant Investment in Facility Expansion in Wellington County


[ARTHUR, ON]  – Walker Industries Holdings Ltd. (Walker) continues strengthening its circular economy operations with a substantial investment at its Arthur Campus located in the Township of Wellington-North. This investment entails a $25-million expansion of Walker’s composting infrastructure alongside an $18-million state-of-the-art packaging facility.

These strategic investments have added to Walker’s capabilities as a resource recovery leader by diverting 170,000 tonnes of organic materials into premium-quality compost, soils, and soil amendments. The expansion has also resulted in an increase in the workforce at the Arthur Campus, underscoring Walker’s commitment to supporting its communities and Wellington County.

Adam Egan, Business Operations Manager at Walker, expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of the Arthur community, emphasizing the collaborative effort towards building a sustainable future. “The expansion of our Arthur Campus is a testament to our shared vision for environmental stewardship and community prosperity,” remarked Egan.

Walker began its expansion program at the site in 2020 by constructing thirty-two (32) new GORE® composting cells. These cells are covered with innovative GORE-TEX® material, which creates a controlled environment for optimal decomposition. The cover also reduces odors and environmental impacts, allowing for rapid production of high-quality compost.

There are many environmental benefits with this process and Walker is poised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 11,350 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) by 2030 and 137,000 tonnes by 2050.

The state-of-the-art packaging facility came online in June 2024, equipped with two fully automated bagging lines capable of producing up to 100,000 pallets of garden soil and mulches annually. This strategic investment aligns with growing consumer demand for sustainable products, positioning Walker as a leader in resource recovery and the circular economy.

Geoff Boyd, Vice President of Resource Recovery at Walker, expressed pride in Walker’s contribution to resource conservation and circular economy principles. “Our commitment to sustainability drives us to develop solutions that minimize environmental impact and maximize resource efficiency,” shared Boyd.

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