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Walker Industries Launches GrowBetter Gardens: A Line of Sustainably Sourced Soil and Mulch Products

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Walker Industries leads city cleanup as part of commitment to environment

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Niagara company wins 14 community relations awards

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Successful Study Deactivates Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) Resulting in Thousands of Tonnes of Greenhouse Waste Diverted From Landfills

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Energy minister tours Niagara, visits leading-nuclear sector EPC provider and launches clean heat project

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Grand opening held for Walker Sports and Abilities Centre and Canada Games Park

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Walker Industries and Walker family donates $1.5 million to Hospice Niagara, becoming the lead donor for Welland Centre of Excellence

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Sustainability Reports


How Walker's partnership with the City of Welland turned a $25 million liability into an $8 million revenue through the reuse of an industrial landfill site

City of Welland, Atlas Landfill site

The City of Welland assumed ownership of an abandoned industrial landfill site that was used to landfill liquid and solid steel residue from the 1930s to 2004. Walker drew on its deep environmental engineering expertise to develop a remediation plan.

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