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Supporting the Community and Environment Through What We Do and How We Do It

Walker’s dedication to supporting the local community is more than just a statement; it is a tangible reality. We are committed to making a difference through our operations, methods, and genuine care for our people.

To recognize World Environment Day, here are a few examples that showcase how our operations contribute to sustainable products and services for communities: prioritizing progressive rehabilitation and supporting communities through volunteerism, donations and conservation efforts.

Becoming Carbon Neutral

Walker is actively working towards becoming carbon neutral by 2040. Our path focuses on four main areas:

  • Reducing consumption and intensity
  • Utilizing renewable energy
  • Developing low-carbon products
  • Low-carbon land management

Our Environmental Performance team is constantly developing new methodologies to track and control our emissions. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a paramount goal for us. It underpins many of our operational choices so we can address challenges such as air pollution, fleet emissions, biodiversity loss and energy consumption that affect climate change. We work on keeping ourselves accountable and transparent by releasing an annual Sustainability Report that is available to all at

Walker’s Resource Recovery Efforts

Walker is proud to establish itself as Canada’s largest fully integrated composting, soil blending and packaging facility. Our Arthur Campus has been responsible for composting organic waste sustainably from municipalities and businesses for decades.

Walker collects waste materials that otherwise would have been placed in landfills and uses innovative technology, such as our GORE® composting cells, to transform what was once waste into a valuable resource. The team works diligently to divert thousands of tonnes of household organics, yard clippings and leaves to produce premium, high-quality compost and soil products. These products are then bagged, sold to retailers, purchased by consumers, and used in landscaping and gardening at your home and across your community.

Capturing Energy for Our Communities

The Niagara Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Facility, a partnership between Walker, Comcor Environmental and Enbridge Gas, is Ontario’s first landfill gas to RNG facility. The process begins as the community’s waste that is collected at the curb is brought to Walker’s landfill to be safely disposed of and managed. The natural decomposition of the organic material in the landfill produces landfill gas. Landfill gas is then collected from a network of pipes spread across the landfill and sent to the Niagara RNG facility. At the facility, many of the unwanted gases and by-products are removed, leaving behind pure methane that is interchangeable with fossil-based natural gas. After compression, the renewable natural gas is transported through pipes to municipal homes and businesses across the region, providing sustainable energy for thousands of neighbours.

Walker Grease Trap Services also supports many restaurants and hospitality operations in your community. Grease trap and food waste materials are collected from our customer locations and processed at Walker facilities to produce high-energy feedstock, providing renewable energy that powers various regions and homes across Canada.

Investing in Innovative Technology

We recognize that fostering innovation and collaboration is a key component towards finding sustainable solutions that will support and protect the environment. Walker Emulsions has a dedicated Research & Development team that is devoted to creating and testing new technologies that are designed to help reduce carbon footprints and repurpose materials that would otherwise be destined for the waste stream. An example is how Walker’s team of chemists developed its next generation of Norwax® products to incorporate lignin, a byproduct from the pulp and paper industry. Or how Walker has partnered with SMARTECH to help our Emulsions customers reduce their carbon footprint by installing specialized equipment systems at the customer site to eliminate the need to ship water in emulsified wax applications.

Progressive Rehabilitation of Land

Across Ontario, Walker operates more than 30 quarries and pits, producing aggregates, concrete, and asphalt. These products provide the resources necessary to help grow the communities we operate and live in.

Walker takes proactive measures to plan for progressive rehabilitation, which includes rehabilitating land in one section of the site while operations continue in others. Some of our rehabilitation efforts include creating lakes, green spaces, community areas, and so much more to give back to the community.  For instance, at our Duntroon site, we collaborated with the University of Waterloo and Stantec Consulting to ensure a forest planted on our lands would support habitat diversity for years to come. Another example is how we turned bedrock at our Vineland Quarry into a fruitful 26-acre vineyard for many to enjoy.

Giving Back to the Communities

Beyond our operations, Walker is also proud to be able to donate and support the communities we operate in across North America, embracing our role as good neighbours. In 2023, our team contributed over $1.3 million towards various initiatives aimed at enhancing the well-being and prosperity of those around us. We recognize that true philanthropy transcends mere financial contributions; it requires empathy, understanding, and a genuine desire to uplift others.

Walker employees spent 3,764 hours in 2023 volunteering within their communities; examples of this include helping collect 560 lbs. from Johnson Creek in Portland, OR., supporting the Outdoor Adventure Club in Grey-Bruce with conservation along the Upper Sydenham River through donations, building and donating bikes to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Niagara and Wellington County, and many more employee-driven initiatives and volunteer work across our many Canadian and US sites.

These are just a few ways Walker works to support its community and environment through what we do and how we do it. We recognize that every action, no matter the size, matters. We are happy to join the efforts that #GenerationRestoration is making to protect our planet. Today is proof that we can all build a sustainable future, together.