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Case Studies

Innovative reuse of closed landfill

space for the City to enjoy

250,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide destroyed

by utilizing landfill gas for energy

5.5 MW of green energy

generated from landfill gas

Project Benefits

  • Provides renewable energy with no disruption to existing operations
  • Reduces potential odours
  • Destroys 250,000 tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide
  • Innovative use of a former landfill site

About the System

The wellfield is designed to avoid the fairways of the golf course while maximizing the collection of landfill gas. Wells are strategically located in the driving range and along cart paths as well as the perimeter of the fairways. The system which includes approximately 45 wells, is designed to collect approximately 2,500 cubic feet per minute (4250 m3 /hr) of landfill gas.

The electricity generation plant is located off-site from the landfill to ensure it has no impact on the golf course. Gas is delivered to the plant through an 800 m dedicated pipeline. The plant comprises a gas processing plant with two two-stage RoFlo compressors and gas drying equipment, and a generation plant with three Cooper Superior reciprocating engines with a total generation capacity of 5.5 MW of power.

This project displaces traditional sources of electricity and ensures the destruction of 250,000 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) annually through the combustion of landfill gas that would otherwise vent to the environment.

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The East Landfill Gas to Energy Facility at Walker’s Niagara Falls landfill site has produced enough green energy from landfill gas to power 1,000 homes per year since 2007.

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Trail Road Landfill Gas to Energy Project with City of Ottawa

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Walker’s upgrade to the Trail Road Landfill gas collection system saves the City of Ottawa from unnecessary expenditures while reaching environmental goals.

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Landfill Gas to Energy with GM Canada

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Walker’s landfill gas supplied as renewable fuel to a neighbouring GM Propulsion Plant makes GM’s St. Catharines facility its greenest propulsion plant globally.

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ZooShare Biogas Project with Walker and Loblaws

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Poo. Power. Profits. Walker helps ZooShare Biogas Plant produce clean, renewable energy from zoo animal waste and food waste.

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