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Case Studies

Solution & Results

Harnessing the power of landfill gas is not new to Walker. From 2002 to 2016, the company sent landfill gas through a direct pipeline to a nearby paper mill. This enabled the mill to reduce its energy consumption from traditional sources by 65% versus the baseline in 2000 and displace 200 million cubic meters of natural gas over the project lifespan—the equivalent of powering 80,000 Ontario homes for a year. Walker’s experience from this project was crucial to developing an alternative green energy solution that would help GM reduce its carbon footprint. Walker and its partners developed a means of conditioning and compressing landfill gas for direct delivery to GM’s plant through a dedicated pipeline. By partnering with Walker for green energy, GM reduced its net greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 70%. The amount of landfill gas delivered to this site from Walker powers the equivalent of 6,000 Ontario homes per year – nearly 6.4MW of electricity, or roughly one-third of the site’s total demand – making the St. Catharines propulsion plant GM’s greenest propulsion plant globally.

Up to 70% reduction in GHGs

lowering carbon footprint

6.4MW of electricity produced

equal to powering 6,000 Ontario homes annually

Expertise & Benefits

Walker in partnership with Comcor Environmental Limited managed the project from initial development to start-up commissioning and continues to provide support as needed. This cogeneration project demonstrates the power of local partnerships to deliver results that improve the bottom line, protect the environment and meet sustainability targets.

Key project responsibilities:

  • Overall project management and project development
  • Design and construction of the landfill gas facility and pipeline to GM
  • Obtained all regulatory permits and approvals
  • Ongoing operations support

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The landfill gas collection and utilization system at the BraeBen Golf Course—formerly the Britannia Landfill site—has a total generating capacity of 5.5 MW, meaning more green energy for the grid without disrupting the greens.

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