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Case Studies

Savings of $200,000 per year

in operating and maintenance costs

5 MW of renewable energy

generated from landfill gas

Reduction of 180,000 tonnes

in greenhouse gas emissions

Project Benefits

  • $2 million capital cost savings
  • Annual savings of $200,000 in operating and maintenance costs
  • Royalty payments to the City of Ottawa estimated at $150,000 per year for the use of the gas by the generating plant
  • Enough power to serve 5,000 Ottawa homes

About the Facility

Until 2007 the Trail Road Landfill collected landfill gas, which is made up primarily of methane (50%) and carbon dioxide (50%), from the existing landfill gas collection system and combusted it in a Ministry of the Environment approved enclosed flare. The flare is now used as a standby unit.

The Trail Road Landfill Gas to Energy Facility takes landfill gas that has been flared and directs it to five (5) Jenbacher JGC320 internal combustion reciprocating engines.

  • Each engine is direct coupled to a 480-volt synchronous 1 MW generator.
  • The electrical generation is stepped up to 27.6 kV for export to the local distribution system owned by Hydro Ottawa.
  • Each engine consumes approximately 600 standard cubic metres per hour (350 standard cubic feet per minute) of landfill gas.
  • Other than for routine maintenance, the gensets (engines) will operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and the flare will become a standby landfill gas control combustion device.
  • Each engine/generator is packaged in a standard ISO steel container which houses the engine, generator, lubrication, cooling, controls, switchgear, and exhaust systems.
  • The engines are each equipped with an exhaust gas silencer to minimize noise emissions.

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Walker’s landfill gas supplied as renewable fuel to a neighbouring GM Propulsion Plant makes GM’s St. Catharines facility its greenest propulsion plant globally.

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