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Case Studies

A second life for Canada's railway ties

The biocarbon processed and supplied by Walker is made from repurposed wood from the Canadian railway tie industry, making it an eco-friendly win for multiple industries. As railway ties are replaced by major rail providers in Canada, Walker’s resource recovery process helps to offset the environmental impact. If these railway ties were disposed of in a landfill, they would contribute to the production of greenhouse gas emissions. Instead the scrap ties are recycled and processed into fuel for the steel manufacturing industry.

Carbon offsets from alternative low carbon fuels

Manufacturers can benefit from carbon offsets by replacing a portion of coal with biocarbon in their coking process. The result reduces industry usage of fossil fuels, diverts 20,000 metric tonnes of waste wood from landfills, reduces the manufacturer’s greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately enables them to become more competitive and environmentally sustainable.

20,000 MT of railway ties diverted

from landfill

Overall reduction

in use of fossil fuels

Reduction in GHGs

from manufacturers and waste industry

Walker’s resource recovery operation diverts various materials from landfill and has recovered over 100,000 metric tonnes of resources from waste to date.

More Case Studies

East Landfill Gas to Energy Project

St. Catharines

The East Landfill Gas to Energy Facility at Walker’s Niagara Falls landfill site has produced enough green energy from landfill gas to power 1,000 homes per year since 2007.

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Trail Road Landfill Gas to Energy Project with City of Ottawa

City of Ottawa

Walker’s upgrade to the Trail Road Landfill gas collection system saves the City of Ottawa from unnecessary expenditures while reaching environmental goals.

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Britannia Landfill Gas to Energy Project with Region of Peel

Region of Peel

The landfill gas collection and utilization system at the BraeBen Golf Course—formerly the Britannia Landfill site—has a total generating capacity of 5.5 MW, meaning more green energy for the grid without disrupting the greens.

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ZooShare Biogas Project with Walker and Loblaws

ZooShare Biogas Project, Canada

Poo. Power. Profits. Walker helps ZooShare Biogas Plant produce clean, renewable energy from zoo animal waste and food waste.

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Landfill Gas to Energy with GM Canada

GM Canada, St. Catharines, ON

Walker’s landfill gas supplied as renewable fuel to a neighbouring GM Propulsion Plant makes GM’s St. Catharines facility its greenest propulsion plant globally.

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