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Walker Energy

Harnessing the power of landfills to power communities.

Walker provides landfill design and operations support with expertise in landfill gas management and integrated gas recovery systems.

We use green energy from landfill gas to:

  • Generate electricity
  • Produce fuel for combustion engines
  • Refine into Renewable Natural Gas

Walker has been responsibly operating landfills for over 40 years and managing landfill gas projects for more than 20 years. We are on a continual mission to find opportunities and solutions that transform landfill gas into green energy. Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impact of landfill operations.

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Our services, offered in partnership with Comcor Environmental, include:

  • Analysis of varying factors such as operating lifespan, waste stream history, size of landfill, etc. to determine potential to proceed to testing phase.
  • Assessment and results of quantity and quality of landfill gas.
  • Helping landfill owners pursue necessary approvals related to collection, flaring and utilization of landfill gas.
  • Established relationships with public agencies including environmental, natural resources and conservation.
  • Extensive experience submitting applications, responding to agency concerns and acquiring approvals.
  • Investigation of potential utilization projects for revenue generation including renewable natural gas, direct use at neighbouring facilities, direct use at the landfill, or electricity generation for sale.
  • Design, construction, financing, and negotiation of purchase agreement.
  • Operation of landfill gas utilization system for entire life of the project.
  • Full time operational capabilities of all systems.
  • Monitoring of gas levels through the collection system.
  • Scheduled maintenance of the entire system.
  • Handling of installation and removal of temporary mobile systems to flare and collect landfill gas.
  • Design and build of landfill gas collection systems to control odour where landfill gas utilization is unfeasible.
  • Remote SCADA control of the system.
  • Regular site visits.
  • Negotiation of long-term agreements and handling of the complex, lengthy process.
  • Assessment of risk profiles of the purchase and project.
  • Negotiation and implementation of emission reduction or displacement credit agreements.
  • Assisting with quantifying carbon intensity of projects and reporting emission reduction credits.
  • Identify customers for purchase of credits.

Organic Waste to Green Energy

Landfill gas – a byproduct of organic waste decomposition when organics end up in landfill – is made up primarily of methane. With strong partnerships and proven expertise, Walker can harness and transform the power of landfill gas into a usable, renewable fuel.

Why Landfill Gas?

  • It is a safe and renewable energy source.
  • It is a direct replacement for fossil fuels.
  • It is a trusted source of energy that can be used continuously, unaffected by weather changes or other variables.
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Landfill Gas to Energy with GM Canada

GM Canada, St. Catharines

Walker’s landfill gas supplied as renewable fuel to a neighbouring GM Propulsion Plant makes GM’s St. Catharines facility its greenest propulsion plant globally.

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