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How we do business matters.

We work in sensitive industries, producing essential products and services that support everyday life. We have an enormous responsibility and opportunity to plan, foster innovation, and progressively manage our impact.

Building a sustainable future is a pledge we intend to uphold.

In 2020, we committed to our 20-year vision for sustainability—a distinct set of goals to continuously improve our social, environmental and economic footprint. This vision acts as a guidepost to manage our impact through the next two decades with resource recovery at the forefront.

Managing Our Impact

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We work to build trusting and transparent relationships with our partners and communities. We will engage and invest in our people and enable them to give back in meaningful ways.

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We acknowledge our responsibility to preserve the quality of our land, air and water for future generations. We will recover 5M tonnes of resources annually and achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

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We take the long view, continually evolving our business while remaining true to our founding values. We will drive growth with innovative products and services.

Our Progress So Far

Why Resource Recovery?

Because diversion isn’t always the best option. The ability to extract value at every stage of the product life cycle is necessary not only for the future viability of our industries, but also for our environment and the communities we operate in.


Resource Recovery at Walker

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Fostering Innovation

We are a proactive and creative industry partner. We create innovative alternatives to facilitate meaningful change in our industries.



Sustainability Reports


Landfill Gas to Energy with GM Canada

GM Canada, Canada

Walker’s landfill gas supplied as renewable fuel to a neighbouring GM Propulsion Plant makes GM’s St. Catharines facility its greenest propulsion plant globally.

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